Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to Mint 7

 Well I have reinstalled Mint 7 64bit and am happy once again.  I am able to go into the audio section and adjust the sliders for speakers, microphone and line in.  Skype again has choices as to which type of speaker or mike to use, such as USB, or the normal line in Mic.  I really believe that Mint 9, Isadora is a better OS, but I think I will just wait awhile before I try it again.

I was reading about the new audio Codec that Ubuntu is going to use for there Music Store.  I think that is great-so that we wont have to use the MP3 Codec.  What I am wondering though, is the new codec going to be available on any Linux?  Or is this just a new type of lock in that will only be available for Ubuntu distributions.  When it comes to the use of codecs I am pretty fuzzy about which ones are legal and which ones are not.  For instance, I own a copy of Windows 7.  So did buying the Microsoft OS give me the legal right to use their codecs in Linux?  I have no idea.

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